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Here are some of the vendors anticipated to appear
at the 2023 Arkansas Pen Show

d2 arts.jpg

Darrell Davis with D² Arts of Hot Springs is a pen blank maker and ceramic sculptor.  I strive to create quality work that will bring the owner lots of joy as they use it or look at it.

Tom Baley and Hong Nguyen buy, sell, trade modern and vintage fountain pens, one at a time or whole collections. Dealers for Pelikan, Platinum, and Noodlers

texas pen co.png

Local pen repair genius Fern Padilla will be offering some of his personal collection of unique vintage pens.

sam smith.jpg

Dan Reppert worked for Sheaffer in Fort Madison, Iowa. He's now retired and will be sharing some of his wonderful vintage pen collection.

Jimmy Dolive with Total Office Products out of Atlanta with new and vintage pens.

Doug Berg is a collector from Arizona who has collected pens for over 30 years, and he will have both new and vintage pens.

Show Information: Contact Tim Joiner, 501-350-1174

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